Mold development:

Plastic mold development

Chang Yang Precision has professional development, design, technology and quality assurance departments. It conducts meetings before product development or mold opening, and provides professional advice through mold flow analysis to ensure mass production of injection molded products in the future. gender.

Mold design and development

Chang Yang also uses multiple sets of 2D and 3D software for mechanism design, mold design and mold flow analysis to ensure the reliability of future mold and processing department manufacturing mold.

Injection mould

Chang Yang has a consistent and precise production process, such as mold design, mold opening, manufacturing and assembly. It provides high-precision molds and high-quality products for the mold industry, manufacturing and technical manufacturing. Vertical integration services and technical support.

Professional mold manufacturing

Chang Yang has all kinds of mold processing equipment and technology. In mold manufacturing, the manufacturer directly measures and uses it with parts measuring equipment, 3D measuring machines, projectors, altimeters, etc. to ensure the highest precision mold quality.

Mold manufacturing advantages

▶ Fully equipped, from CNC machining, EDM electrical discharge machining to mold clamping, the test mode can be run independently

▶ There are multiple injection molding machines in the factory, so the test does not need to be carried out outside the factory

▶ Designers directly participate in the trial mode, you can quickly and effectively grasp the development status

Plastic Injection Molding mold development process

  1. Valuation
  2. Meeting
  3. Mold design
  4. Produce
  5. Trial mode
  6. Quality inspection
  7. Mold complete
  8. Mass production / delivery